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31st July 2021 


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The Inspira Reflexology Academy is not only a school that teaches the basic techniques of Reflexology, Inspira also provides and facilitates Advanced Courses for the qualified Reflexologist.

Workshops, CPD & Advanced Training for Reflexologists & Duopody Practitioners

Inspira Academy are pleased to welcome PodyStep Ahead who are going to run all the new and exciting courses being developed and planned for the future. PodyStep Ahead is in the safe hands of two experienced Inspira Academy personnel - Jane Powell and Sue Alma Evans. In summer and autumn of 2021 here is a sample of what you can look forward to ...

Dorothy Kelly from Belfast who is the leader in the field and specialises in aiding fertility. Her experience is awesome as not only is she a skilled Reflexologist, she also teaches at Level 5 as well as having an illustrious nursing career.

Dorothy will be delivering her two day course in October on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th. Her ART (Assisted Reproductive Techniques) have been developed over many years and her nursing knowledge reassures regarding the appropriate ways of how to give an effective and safe reflexology treatment at all times during what can be an extremely stress full and emotional time for prospective parents.

Then we have the much awaited re-appearance of SportsFlex! SportsFlex will be a 4 day course, part 1 will be 2 days then a gap of a few months for some practice on clients with new and very exciting techniques, followed by part 2 which will also be 2 days. Although SportsFlex as the name suggests, covers sport related injuries (including the sort of things we all do at home, at a yoga class or at the gym for example) it is not restricted just to sport as the techniques have a huge impact on every single client. This means every Reflexologist, every Duopodist should come and learn as the techniques have the potential to release long held tension within the body and facilitate movements that may have been 'locked' for years! The SportsFlex team have developed some very simple ways to measure movement pre and post after treating with 10 different foot charts for 'chains' of muscles. Each of the 10 charts detail the muscles involved in each 'chain', what movements they impact, together with understanding for example, why hurting your big toe also results in not being able to move your head freely, or why having a tooth out can relate to suddenly not being able to move your hip very easily! There is much, much more to learn, many more techniques that you will find invaluable in your day to day clinics. Not to be missed!

There are more courses being planned and as soon as they are confirmed we will let you know what they are. PodyStep Ahead is your must go to Training Centre for all your new, exciting, informative and exhilarating new knowledge and we look forward to seeing old friends and welcoming new friends.

From January 2007, all qualified reflexologists are required to engage in CPD (Continuing Professional Development) where points are awarded for activities such as participating in an Advanced Course in Reflexology. With this in mind Inspira will be running courses for the reflexologist who wishes to improve and add to their skills.