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31st July 2021 


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Reflexology Course Content. agoredcymru1

Titles of Agored Cymru Course Units

1) HK25CY010 - Reflexology Skills in Practice
2) HK25CY009 - Incremental Development of Applied Reflexology Skills in Practice
3) HK25CY011 - Providing Reflexology for Specific Conditions
4) HK24CY007 - Business Skills for Reflexology Practice
5) HK24CY008 - Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology for Reflexology (APaP)

Our course will cover the essential knowledge and understanding of the theory and practice of Reflexology to include:

  • Historical perspectives

  • The evolvement of early theories to the present day

  • Reflexology Principles and Treament Methods

  • How reflexology affects bodily systems

  • Understanding the consultation procedure

  • Techniques of Reflexology for both Feet and Hands

  • Formulating and Personalising a Treatment Programme

  • Roles and Responsibilities of a Reflexologist

  • Understanding physical and emotional causes of ill health

  • Understanding disease development and how an individualised reflexology
    treatment may effect the disease process

  • Understanding stress and stress responses including how to manage, cope or
    prevent excess stress

  • Reflexology Course Content. Hand

    Students Practicing Hand Reflexology at ~Inspira~

    At Inspira we also cover:

  • The Mind to Body connection

  • Language of the feet - Interpreting findings in the feet from an emotional perspective ... including your own!

  • Advanced Techniques, including introductions to:

  • Deep Touch Therapy
    Light Touch Therapy
    Vertical Reflex Therapy
    Chinese Meridians in Reflexology
    Treating Spinal Problems
    The Organ Clock
    CALM Technique (Unique to Inspira Academy)
    Duopody (Unique to Inspira Academy)
    SportsFlexology (Unique to Inspira Academy)

  • Specialisms: Areas for future development of expertise:

  • Subfertility
    Baby Reflexing
    Palliative and Terminal Illness Care
    Sports Injuries
    Stress Control
    NeuroEndoPsychoImmumoPody (NEPIP) - Understanding the psychology and Pathology of stress and eustress and their effects on illness and health - Unique only to Centralia Partner Centres across via UK & Ireland

  • Introduction to Reflexology Research

  • Practice Management & the Law

  • Codes of Practice & Ethics

  • Business Management, including:

  • Pricing and Procedures
    Planning for the future
    Tax and National Insurance
    Health and Safety
    Market Research
    Marketing and Advertising
    Financial considerations - Cash Flow forecasts
    How to manage your business
    Preparing Business cards, flyers, etc
    Business start up costs
    Records and Record Keeping
    Data protection
    Start up help
    Where to source financial help
    As well as ...
    Employment Options

  • Anatomy and Physiology

  • This module will include an overview of the Human Body, Cells, Tissues and Organs, Special Senses together with all the systems and their relevant functions.

    A&P will be taught by all tutors who have a fantastic theoretical knowledge, but they also have the bonus of knowing how to apply this knowledge practically, as reflexologists, because they are all current practitioners... a complex subject area sympathetically delivered!

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