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31st July 2021 


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Confused about which course to enrol on?

There are numerous different organisations, training centres and courses available - often appearing to offer the same standard of training, but sadly they do not. This does not apply to the Level 5 because all Centralia training centres that teach level 5 have signed a "Memorandum of Understanding" which guarantees that all courses offer a high number of hours face to face plus all the students have to produce the same high standard of controlled assessments and evidence.

NOTE: There are reflexology establishments advertising online courses and others as short as 5 days - REMEMBER reflexology is a practical therapy which requires substantial face to face tuition with a knowledgeable and experienced tutor to guide the learner to the highest professional standard

At ~Inspira~ we feel that the Level 3 Diploma is perfectly valid, but we were aware that from our previous students that there was a demand for a higher level of training and it was for this reason, we developed with Agored Cymru L5 Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology in conjunction with Centralia and Agored Cymru.

In order to deliver the new suite of units, Inspira created, after a rigorous validation programme, a new company called Centralia which is now the ONLY Approved Centre of Reflexology Training for Agored Cymru, Wales's own Qualification and Awarding Organisation. Centralia went on to facilitate the delivery of the Level 5 Course in Reflexology in other parts of the UK via the Centralia Partner Centre Network.

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Having established that our course is the right one for you (Open days run regularly) you can be ensured that you are receiving the highest training possible, but there are still a few further areas to consider which makes training at Inspira the college of choice:

1) We are a private training centre, and this means that we can be entirely flexible and are therefore much better suited to respond to every learners individual needs. A percentage of our learners are full time professionals and the Inspira course takes this into consideration.

2) Sue Evans (the Director and Principal lecturer) wrote, set up and lectured on both the first HND (University of Glamorgan) and the first BSc (Hons)degree in Complementary Therapies (UWIC). After lecturing in these formal educational environments for more than 8 years, she has all the associated expertise gained from this, but decided that reflexology was more effectively learned if spread out over varying time spans, rather than weekly.

The first 8 days of the course are in fairly quick succession, this is in order that the basics can be quickly and efficiently learned. The latter days are more spread about - class/es approximately once per month - this is because by this stage, the learner is embarking on Person Studies.

Of course we are available with full support at all times in between these classes.

3) We care passionately about Reflexology and our Reflexology students and although the course learning is intensive, it is also fun and we like to build up a rapport with each student, which means that we can maintain lifetime support - something very few other institutions can offer.

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4) Inspira has all the facilities required for teaching reflexology and perhaps uniquely, we also have a method that allows each student to examine their own feet ... very interesting! We also have the added bonus of a more relaxed and less prescriptive environment which past students tell us has been important in several ways.

5) All the components of the course are specific and are taught "in house".

6) As well as the "basics", but as part of the course with no extra costs, we also teach reflexology methods that are unique to ~Inspira~ and these include CALM technique, which is essential knowledge when working with the terminally ill or in a palliative setting and can also be adapted to help to alleviate the stresses of modern society ... very popular! We still teach classical reflexology, but as our foundation technique we teach Duopody and this systemic approach is proving to be incredibly effective - to such an extent that our Duopodists are easily finding work within the NHS, at GP surgeries, private hospitals and at our local palliative care hospital too - these are all paid positions!

There is an introduction to Advanced techniques, giving an insight into some of the skills needed to work in specialist areas such as:

Sub fertility/Maternity
Sports injuries
Back problems/injuries
Emotional frailty etc.

7) FREE car parking! This may not be something you have given consideration to, but many colleges/universities have little or no on-site parking, resulting in a long walk (often in the rain) and/or they charge extortionate daily parking rates!

8) There are many other reasons why we feel we are the best, so why not come and visit us to see for yourself? We regularly hold "Open Mornings" (see homepage for the next date) and the meeting will last for about 1-2 hours. Please contact Inspira to confirm your attendance.

If you wish to enrol for the Reflexology Course, please contact Inspira for an application form and return it with your deposit to:

Inspira Academy of Reflexology & Reiki
2, Turnpike Close
Dinas Powys
Vale of Glamorgan
CF64 4HT

Cheques payable to Inspira

The deposit reserves your place, but at Inspira we like to meet all learners/students prior to course commencement so we will arrange 'Introduction Meetings' at all venues so that both parties are happy and also to assure the learner/student that it is the right course for them.


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