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24th February 2018 
Advanced/Post Graduate/CPD. PR3



The Inspira Reflexology Academy is not only a school that teaches the basic techniques of Reflexology, Inspira also provides and facilitates Advanced Courses for the qualified Reflexologist.

From January 2007, all qualified reflexologists are required to engage in CPD (Continuing Professional Development) where points are awarded for activities such as participating in an Advanced Course in Reflexology. With this in mind Inspira will be running courses for the reflexologist who wishes to improve and add to their skills.



Presented by Hagar Basis

Tony Porter is the originator of ART and has spent many years developing this unique technique. This seminar will be conducted by Hagar Basis, who has been Tony’s loyal and hard-working assistant right from the beginning and a wonderful exponent of ART.

ART™ is an evolvement of the traditional approach of finger and thumb walking, which forms the foundation of all good reflexology practitioner training courses. ART is the continuing education for the qualified Reflexologist and teaches effective clinical reflexology. ART techniques form an advanced, complementary approach and are effectively used alongside all modes of reflexology practice including the traditional Original Ingham Method®. Students will be shown how to detect the 'disturbed' reflexes of the feet, learn about the reflexes differing textures, what they mean, and treat them effectively.
This two-day comprehensive seminars provides students with the comprehensive instruction in the skills and techniques pioneered and developed by Anthony Porter over the last 30 years. All ART seminars are post graduate training in advanced techniques for the professional reflexologist.
75% of this ART seminar is practical based; demonstration with supervised Practice of ART Techniques. We will also cover the following aspects of ART™

* Pain and the reflex picture
* The 4 main reflex textures explained.
* Reflex disturbance assessed/How to treat
* Reactions to treatment/contraindications
* Types of contacts used in treatment
* The use of lubrication specific to ART
* Working the feet in a sequential way
* Working the reflexes systematically
* Reassessing the Anatomical Guidelines of the feet

An ART™ Certificate of Attendance is awarded and 24 CPD points gained. (double points)

“Advanced Reflexology Techniques are the result of many years of clinical experience and development that have shown proven clinical results, so much so, that medical consultants often refer patients for a course of treatment. The techniques enable the therapist to treat all types of feet in the most efficient and effective way, making giving treatments, far less tiring and more importantly far more therapeutic for the patient.

Advanced Reflexology Techniques are far more positive because of the type of stimulus used, that is, the pressure is deeper without going beyond the patient’s tolerance. A special treatment sequence is used which forms a very important part of the Advanced reflexology Techniques approach. Also the more orthodox ‘walking’ techniques are not the mainstay of the Advanced Reflexology Techniques, although they can be used in conjunction with them. Other areas of the hands, fingers and thumbs are used by the ART Therapist in an entirely different way, which makes the treatment far more flowing and dynamic.”

“Advanced Reflexology Techniques training is taught only as a post-graduate course. It is continuing education for the qualified reflexologist.”

“Learning the unique Advanced Reflexology Techniques and philosophy will dramatically improve the practitioner’s therapeutic effectiveness.”

“Advanced Reflexology Training teaches proven effective reflexology which has more of a professional clinical application. The techniques and concepts form a refreshingly new and highly effective straight forward approach to reflexology.”

Course fee: £220.00

Deposit A £50.00 deposit is required to secure a place and balance of fees to be paid 4 weeks prior to course commencement)

Venue: Inspira Academy, Vale Enterprise Centre, Hayes Road, Sully, near Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan CF64 5SY

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Presented by Peter Lund Frandsen & Dorthe Krogsgaard

About Touchpoint

Being open to new knowledge - and wishing to use it
Touchpoint provide lectures, seminars and continuing professional development for complementary therapists.
Our main target group is experienced reflexologists.

We wish to ensure, that participants on Touchpoint seminars acquire useful new knowledge as well as having new thoughts arise. In our experience both the competition and expectations to complementary therapists are rapidly increasing. Therefore, we strive to maintain a high professional standard and we are not afraid of challenging our participants. One functions the best, whith openness to new knowledge and a desire to always improve.

Touchpoint offers a series of post graduate seminars in Denmark and abroad. In addition we convene seminars in Denmark with foreign tutors. In step with the process of globalisation, we find it important to maintain and develop international networking on all aspects of complementary therapy.

Dorthe Krogsgaard and Peter Lund Frandsen are certified tutors of Nerve Reflexology through MNT-NR International.

Touchpoint - in touch with new and complementary knowledge

Course information - Round About: The Heart
Friday 21 April 2017
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Saturday 22 April 2017
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Duration: 2 days
Venue: Inspira Academy, Vale Enterprise Centre, Hayes Road, Sully, near Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan CF64 5SY

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Cost: £275.00
Deposit: £55.00 (A £55.00 deposit is required to secure a place and balance of fees to be paid 4 weeks prior to course commencement)

The heart is much more than a pump - maybe the heart should recieve more attention in your reflexology sessions?

In many cultures the heart is viewed as the very center of life. In ancient Egypt the heart of deceased was weighed in a ceremony to see if they were worthy to enter the afterlife. The Aztec would sacrifice hearts to return power to the sun. In the Bible the heart represents the innermost part of a human being, its soul or true self. The Indian Upanishads talk about the Lotus of the Heart, the inner chamber of the self, which becomes an eternal part of the universe, when the body cease to exist. " As large as the external universe, so large is the universe in the heart lotus".

These philosophical descriptions, despite their different origin, share the same deep wisdom of the heart. And excitingly, new scientific research now enables us to revive this old knowledge in a Western reference frame.

The wealth of new information inspires us to emphasize working more with the heart in all reflexology sessions.

That is why we have developed a new workshop about the heart with the following main themes:

Embryology, the heart is formed from two different cell lines, see how the heart is structured as a knot, that can be "untied".
Heart anatomy and physiology - about two million heartbeats of a lifetime.
The Vagus nerve is mostly an afferent (sensory) connection to the heart, how can we interpret this new finding?

* The Heart as a hormonal gland.
* The hearts influence on stress, how can we stimulate it in a positive way?
* Heart diseases and what we can do.
* The heart creates our strongest magnetic field, 5000 times stronger than the brain's, what does that mean?
* The relationship of the heart to other organs during reflexology.
* Techniques to relax the fascia around the heart.
* The heart's connection to the diaphragm and psoas muscle.
* New reflexology techniques for the heart.

This workshop will give you a completely new view of the heart.


Example of other Reflexology CPD presented by Inspira Academy:

* TOUCHPOINT from Denmark - presented by Peter Lund Frandsen & Dorthe Krogsgaard
* REFLEXOTHERAPY of the FEET presented by Hanne Marquardt
* ART (Advanced Reflexology Techniques)
* CALM presented by Sue Evans
* DUOPODY presented by Sue Evans
* SPORTS-FLEX presented by Sue Evans

Courses are open to ALL qualified reflexologists.


Advanced/Post Graduate/CPD. TOUCHPOINT2

Peter Lund Frandsen & Dorthe Krogsgaard presenting Touchpoint - Roundabout The Spine at Old School in Sully, Vale of Glamorgan during July 2010

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DUOPODY translates to mean DUO (two) PODY (feet) and this is exactly what this course is about..... both feet at the same time!

DUOPODY is a symmetrical technique and you will learn to work methodically through each body system.

Throughout trials DUOPODY has brought about profound responses from clients. Working both feet at the same time undoubtedly stabilises our basic energy, and diverts our mentally overactive energy back to our feet.....helping us to become more "grounded".

Consultation procedures also differ as you use a DUOPODY pro forma which allows you to quickly and simply identify which systems are most compromised (and recording your findings are simplified too!).

Sue believes that DUOPODY is the reflexology of the future!!


CALM © - PALLIATIVE/CLINICAL REFLEXOLOGY (Caring Attention Leading to Mollification).

This is a new technique for qualified reflexologists who wish to work with the terminally ill in a broad spectrum of settings i.e. hospice/hospital, but as not everyone with a terminal illness is in a clinical environment, CALM can also be safely used in private settings too.

In the past, reflexologists have adapted their usual technique i.e. lightened pressure etc. CALM technique is not an adaptation, it is specific to the very different needs experienced by the terminally ill.

The CALM course and technique is based on working in broad areas rather than focussing on a single imbalanced reflex, and during the course you will be able to recognise areas that have a lack or an excess of energy and learn how to re-distribute these hypo and hyper blockages. CALM technique also incorporates working the chakra points on the feet, together with a CALMing of the aura.

Collectively these techniques aim to improve well-being (on all levels) rather than effecting a cure and most importantly you are also empowering the person you are working with, as they have the opportunity to be involved in their own mind/body processes.


SPORTSFLEX is a highly specific and effective method with which to therapeutically treat sports personnel and sport related injuries.

You will learn how to access individual muscles, muscle groups, ligaments and tendons, via the feet and hands, in order to promote optimum performance and also to evoke a rapid healing response if injured or traumatised.

Injuries that are common to different sporting arenas (rugby, football, netball, swimming, cricket etc.) will be covered.

More and more professional sports teams, clubs and individuals are recognising the validity of different ways with which to promote and maintain high performance levels, so this course could lead to work opportunities.

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